Aluminium Bi-Fold Windows

What mkes aluminium bi-fold windows a contemporary choice?

  • Aluminium bi-fold windows are very popular today.
  • Tall windows are great for letting the sun into your home.
  • Aluminium windows are an energy-efficient choice
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Open Up Your Home

These days it is extremely popular to have large floor to ceiling aluminium bi-fold windows installed at the back of your home. 

Many people who have added an extension to transform the rear of their property into a large open-plan living space choose aluminium bi-fold windows as an easy means of accessing the outdoors at the rear of their home. That’s because, on a lovely sunny day, it’s possible to simply slide back the vertical bi-fold windows and have all that extra living space via the garden.

Bi-fold windows are as popular – if not more so – than glass sliding panels. They are easy to use and admit just as much light as a glass panel. Another benefit is that they are sturdier and don’t need much ongoing maintenance.

A Range Of Styles Available

The aluminium windows we use at R&C Windows look great, thanks to their slimline aesthetic. The frames are also available in a range of colours to match the rest of your extension or rear of your home. Choose from shades such as charcoal, dove grey and even ivory, for instance.

High Standards Throughout

Our bi-fold window frames are built using top-quality materials to ensure they are as durable and efficient as possible. This allows them to hold in as much heat as possible during the winter months. And talking of poor weather conditions (as British winters tend to present), our aluminium is strong and able to withstand the harshest of winds and continual rain downpours.

You will pay more for having aluminium bi-fold kitchen windows installed in preference to uPVC windows. But then, you are getting a much superior quality window frame and one which does take longer to install. Also, at R&C Windows, we fit only the highest quality sliding folding window frame and standard of glass. 

That way, we know our customers receive the maximum efficiency benefits and will love the look of their bi-fold windows once they are installed. 

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