Composite Doors

Live in Norwich and looking for a composite door?

  • At R&C Windows, we provide top-quality composite doors
  • Our composite doors in Norwich are sourced and fitted by ourselves
  • We have a wide range of colours and styles to choose from
Composite Doors

Long Lasting And Stylish

A contemporary composite door in Norwich is one supplied by ourselves at R&C Windows and which performs to the highest standards possible. This is in terms of aesthetics, durability and efficiency.

First, though, you may be wondering exactly what a composite is put together from. At its core is solid timber, giving it strength. The rest of the door comprises a mixture of materials such as uPVC, laminate or even fibreglass.

These, too, are durable materials which are tough and sure to last the test of time. The latter point is important since your front door will be used every day and probably several times a day. So, it’s going to be subject to an awful lot of ‘wear.’

Advantages Of Composite Doors

Composite doors in Norwich have a number of advantages when compared to solid timber or standard uPVC doors. Unlike timber doors, they will last longer since they won’t succumb to the wet and windy weather, not to mention the warping and paint fading effects of the sun. Neither will they require as much maintenance.

Styles, Designs and Efficiency

Composite front doors can look fabulous, thanks to the different design styles, from traditional to country-style to contemporary. They can be panelled, have windows inserted and painted in just about any colour under the sun. They can look like wood, but they are actually composite and therefore much easier to keep clean.

Importantly, solid or composite external doors also offer house owners a high degree of security. That’s because the timber core gives the door its strength, meaning it won’t buckle on impact. Most composite front doors have unique multi-point locking mechanisms, making them almost impossible for burglars to break in by picking the lock.

Another plus of your white, black or grey composite door in Norwich is that the wooden core will prevent heat from escaping and cold air from entering your home – with the result that you won’t need to spend as much money on heating your home. That, too, will reduce your carbon footprint.