Composite External Doors

Can I have an external door made of composite materials?

  • At R&C Windows, we offer a wide range of composite doors
  • Our composite doors are high quality and weatherproof
  • They are available in a range of stunning shades and designs

What Are Composite Doors?

A composite door is one which – as the name suggests – is produced from a number (or composite) of materials. This includes a timber core plus the addition of other well-known materials such as uPVC, fibreglass and laminate.

The range of styles and colour shades available is very impressive, with a door to suit most homes regardless of architectural design. In other words, it’s possible to buy an art deco style composite external door, a contemporary door or even composite stable doors.

Shades to choose from include blacks, charcoals, greys reds, greens and a white composite door. There are also a variety of glass inserts. In other words, you are practically encouraged to be playful and creative, rather than going for a standard door that most of the neighbours have too.

Value For Money

You will also almost definitely save money by installing a composite door. That’s because a tight-fitting door with a timber core will ensure that the heat remains inside your home during the colder winter months. 

This means you won’t be using as much of your heating, so you can look forward to keeping your utilities spending as low as possible (a priority in this day and age, considering the recent increase in utility bills for all UK households).

Very Little Maintenance Required

One of the best aspects of installing a composite external door in your home is the fact that it requires very little maintenance to remain looking good.

It doesn’t need cleaning very often, and repainting is something you can do after a few years when you want to change the shade. And, unlike a timber door, for instance, your composite external door won’t succumb to wild weather conditions such as unrelenting rain, storms and sun damage.

The latter can warp a timber door, making it difficult to close properly and therefore easy to break into. And that’s another plus point for your composite door – most come with a multi-locking mechanism making them impossible to pickpocket for your everyday thief.

Composite External Doors