Equinox Roofing

Looking for a low maintenance roofing solution for your conservatory?

Do you want to maximise the insulation available to you?

For those that have conservatories, you may find that the maintenance of a traditional roof can be time-consuming. However, with equinox roofing, this time-consuming element is eliminated.

Equinox roofing has become vastly popular in recent times due to its look as well as numerous benefits in which it can bring to your home. At R and C Windows we have supplied and fitted this solution many times with clients in Norfolk to which they have been very impressed.

What Is Equinox Roofing?

Equinox Roofing is the latest and best solution that can benefit those that have conservatories at their home or are considering having one installed.

With a make-up very similar to the roof on your home it can bring numerous benefits to your home including a quicker installation, as well as a more durable finish.

If you a looking for either a standard Equinox tiled roof solution or even Equinox Vega glazed solution, then R and C Windows are able to help.

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What Are the Benefits?

So, what are the benefits of a traditional roofing option? Equinox roofing has become a popular solution for many due to what it can bring to your home. These benefits include the following: –

Solid Roof Insulation

Having a conservatory built with this type of roofing system, or even replaced with Equinox allows for a solid roof foundation like the roof of your house. This, therefore, allows us to include solid roof insulation therefore allowing better control of temperature.

Reducing energy bills

With solid roof insulation comes a reduction in heat loss. This reduction in heat loss does lead to reduced energy bills over the course of the year.

More Natural Light

With specific variations and configurations of Equinox roofing, it is easy for us to include larger glazed areas ultimately allowing more natural light into your conservatory.