Grey Composite Doors

Live in Norwich and looking for a grey composite door?

  • At R&C Windows, we stock composite doors in a range of shades
  • Our composite doors are made from top quality materials
  • Our composite doors are more durable than timber doors

High Quality, Value For Money

Choosing a grey composite door in Norwich – or any other colour, for that matter – makes excellent sense these days.

The quality of this type of door is such that you can expect it to last far longer than any other door type, including a front or rear door made from uPVC (the other popular option today).

Composite back doors or front doors are comprised of a combination of materials, such as uPVC and fibreglass, but their core is solid timber. It’s this tough wooden core which gives the door its strength, while the other materials offer it durability and flexibility in terms of style.

Matching The Style Of Your Home

It’s possible to have a grey composite front door in Norwich in a range of different styles to match the look of your house.

You may like a grey composite door in your Norwich home to match your dove grey or charcoal aluminium window frames, for instance. Then again, it could be that you are the proud owner of a sweet country-style cottage, in which case you may prefer a stable door style or a door with panelling.

And that’s the beauty of a composite door – it’s possible to make it in a variety of styles. Contemporary, traditional, country, art deco etc, the options are pretty much limitless.

Security & Thermal Efficiency

Another benefit of having a Solidor composite door is the security aspect. All composite doors are fitted with tough, multi-locking features. 

They are also incredibly tough to bash in should a thief try to gain access to your home.

When it comes to thermal efficiency, your composite door provides excellent insulation. One reason for this is the rebate (or groove) in the door’s vertical edge. 

It creates a very tight fit between both the door and the frame, preventing cold air from entering. It’s even possible to have a double insulating rebate if you live in an area where there’s a lot of wind, or it’s particularly cold.