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Make the exterior of your home look modern and amazing. Bi-Fold doors are a popular option for many homeowners looking to open their home up to natural light, but also create a great look.

Available in a range of colours and finishes, aluminium and uPVC bi-fold doors are vastly popular.

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Norwich bifold door installationsAluminium & Upvc Bidold door installations

One of the most popular and in-demand additions to residential properties in recent times is the installation of bifold doors. 

We install our Bifold doors in Norwich along with all over Norfolk and North Suffolk, including in Holt, Great Yarmouth, and Lowestoft, among other towns and villages across the the County. Homeowners who want to maximise space while also creating style will find these products to be ideal.

Your brand-new bifold doors will be equipped with a folding mechanism that gives you the option to entirely retract them. This results in the largest openings possible and is a fantastic method for creating an open floor plan for the living space. There is also the possibility of opening up an entire wall in a conservatory. Integrate your home and landscape in a way that is seamless.

You can never go wrong with one of these beautiful installations because they offer a variety of accessibility options, thermal performance, enhanced security, and great aesthetics on top of all of that. Get in touch with us right now to learn more about the benefits of our bifold doors and how installing them in your home may revolutionise the way you live

Key Features & Benefits of Bifold Doors

  • Great variety of Folding Options : In the heated summer months, bifold doors can be a godsend for homes. Because of their unique opening mechanism, you can fold the doors together to create the widest possible space in the opening. Take advantage of the fresh air that will flood into your house.
  • Materials To Last : uPVC bifold doors, which are well-known for their inherent strength, offer a level of durability that is unmatched by the majority of other door types. Even the worst conditions in Norwich are no match for the durability of our folding doors. Maintain the safety of you and your loved ones throughout the entire year.
  • Thermal Efficiency : It is essential that the bifold doors in your home have good thermal efficiency since they act as a barrier between the interior of your home and the elements that are outside. Our bifold doors, which are designed using materials of the highest quality and are constructed locally in Norfolk, are the key to a warm and welcoming house.
  • Versatile Designs – The use of uPVC to create bifold doors is a flexible solution. They are adaptable to a wide variety of residential settings. These slimline doors are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, making them an excellent choice for use in combination with orangeries, conservatories, and extensions.
  • Hardware from Stainless Steel : Your new bifold doors cannot function properly without the appropriate hardware. Our folding doors, can be opened without getting stuck, providing an experience that is smooth and continuous.

Bifold Doors in Norwich that are Thermally Efficient

Choosing uPVC for your Norwich home’s new bifold doors has various advantages. Our bifold doors are extremely energy efficient. This has the advantage of keeping your home warmer without requiring you to put your heater on full. Your energy expenditures may decrease as you rely less on your central heating.

Not only that, but you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint. You are helping to protect the environment by cutting emissions. Our bifold doors are also recyclable, so when they reach the end of their useful life, they can be recycled to make brand new doors. This involves conserving energy and resources.

Bifold Doors In Norwich that are Secure

Security is an essential component of every home renovation project. Thanks to its high strength and structural integrity, uPVC is a good choice. They’ll keep out even the most persistent intruders with ease. This is why we are confident that our bifold doors will keep your Norwich home secure.

Each and every one of our bifold doors will be installed with the utmost care and attention to detail by us. All of our folding doors come complete with multipoint locking mechanisms. This ensures that your bifold doors are secure when closed and latched. Shoot bolts are another option for increasing the security of your property.

Options for Bifold Doors In Norwich

We have a large selection of colours to pick from and can even supply dual colour options. This enables homeowners to coordinate our bifold doors with different colour schemes for the interior and exterior of their property. R & C Windows ensures that your home’s aesthetic is never compromised.

With a variety of design possibilities, you may even select whether your new bifolding doors open from the right to the left or the left to the right. You can even choose whether the panels move inwards or outwards, based on your preferences. 

Bifold Doors FAQ’s;

Is a Bifold Door Secure?

Bi fold doors, in summary, can be quite secure. Toughened safety glass is used, and all systems include a multi-point locking system for increased security.

What sizes of bifold doors do you provide?

Most bifold interior doors come in standard sizes that accommodate a range of door openings in homes.. 

Get in contact with us for an estimate if a standard size won’t suit your home. We also provide made-to-measure doors and windows.

Are bifold doors effective in retaining heat?

Yes! There is no doubt that bifold doors are energy-efficient. uPVC bifold doors have a thermal barrier that prevents heat from travelling straight through the material, and engineered cores are frequently used in the construction of timber bifolds to help minimise heat transfer.

Are UPVC, Timber, or Aluminum Bifold Doors the Best?

The answer is dependent on what you’re looking for. Each material has advantages, however we strongly suggest using uPVC as it has the most benefits all round.

Is it easy to clean bifold doors?

Bifold door cleaning is as easy as window washing. Every now and then, give your doors a good cleaning to help them last longer.

Will Bifold Doors Require Planning Permission?

Typically, you won’t require planning permission to add bifold doors if you’re replacing existing doors. However, if you reside in a conservation area, you might need to first obtain more details from your local council.

It is always important to check local construction requirements before you start work if you intend to build an extension and include bifold doors.

Will bifold doors increase the value of my home?

Bifold doors allow light to enter your home and create more space. In general, this gives your house a more appealing appearance, which might increase its value when you decide to sell. Another excellent selling point that can make potential buyers see your property favourably is easy access to a well-kept garden or patio space.

What kind of glazing is used in bifold doors?

For maximum insulation, all of our bifold doors feature double glazing. Our external bifold doors’ glazing units are all constructed of toughened safety glass, which is stronger than regular glass.

If this glass does break (which is very uncommon), it will shatter into small pieces that are significantly less likely to hurt someone than the shards or splinters produced by regular glass.

How do bifold doors fold, In or out?

Depending on your particular needs, bifold doors can open inwards or outwardly independently. It’s crucial to note that most homeowners pick outward opening bifolds because inward opening bifold doors can take up necessary space. These doors slide and stack either inward into the home or outward onto the garden.

What type of glazing are bifold doors made of?

For maximum insulation, all of our bifold doors feature double glazing. Our external bifold doors’ glazing units are all constructed of toughened safety glass, which is stronger than regular glass.

If this glass does break (which is uncommon), it will shatter into small pieces that are significantly less likely to hurt someone than the shards or splinters produced by regular glass.

What Kind Of Lintel Should I Use For My Bifold Doors?

A concrete, wooden, or steel cavity lintel is required for horizontal support when installing exterior bifold doors. Your decision will be heavily influenced by the thickness of your walls and the width of the opening in which you will install your bifold doors.

As a general rule, lintels must have at least 150mm of bearing at each end, and their entire length must be at least 300mm longer than the opening’s width. The total loads exerted by the structure must not be greater than the lintel’s safe working load.

Which Colours are Bifold Doors Available in?

Bi-fold doors typically come in white, grey, and unfinished wood. Although it may appear that your only choice is a bi-fold door that has been completely finished, that isn’t the case. If you choose a door that is unfinished or white primed, the top coat of your choice can be applied. This means you may paint them whatever colour you choose as long as you can locate a suitable paint!

The aluminium bifold door is an exception to this rule as the metal is often expertly adhered to and completed with a powder coating, which is best handled in the factory.

Are bifold doors subject to UK planning permission?

Bifold doors, French doors, and additional windows are frequently included in the list of Class A authorised developments, so you won’t typically need to apply for planning approval.The

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

uPVC is a popular material for bi-fold doors due to its versatility. With effective insulator properties, they can complement the style of any home be that traditional or modern.

The uPVC doors that we use at R&C Windows are constructed from the best materials and are available in a range of colours and finishes. By also using the most energy-efficient models, we also can ensure their insulation rating.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Transform the look of your home with the inclusion of aluminium bi-fold doors. With a longer life span, and a lot less maintenance they are a popular option for those that are looking to create a modern and bespoke finish.

The aluminium doors that we use at R&C Windows are not just designed with the finish in mind, but also efficiency. We only use the highest efficient models and glass to ensure that during the colder months your home is able to maintain as much heat as possible.

Bifold door installers Norwich

Bi-Fold Doors Norwich

What are the costs to have bifold doors installed?

The rise in popularity of bi-fold doors has largely contributed to a number of factors.

At R&C Windows we have seen a large rise in the number of clients we have requesting Bi-Fold doors in the Norwich area. Some of the main benefits include:

– Wide Choice of Finishes – Rise in popularity means more finishes and colours. Making them perfect if you are looking for a specific look.

– Easy to Operate – The vast majority of doors are built with running tracks, allowing them to be opened and closed with ease.

– Maximum Natural Light – Bi-Fold door tend to be larger in size than their counterparts, so with this increased glass and size, there is definitely more natural light to be had in your home regardless if you have them open or closed.