Norfolk Conservatory Specialists

Welcome to R&C, as specialist installers of conservatories in Norfolk, we provide professional, expert advice and installation services throughout the county.  

A conservatory in Norfolk can be a great addition to your home for many rooms and is a worthwhile investment. Some benefits include: –

Creates More Living Space – What better way to add space to your home than with the addition of a conservatory. An extra room to entertain or just to relax, a conservatory is just that.

Provides More Natural Light – Adding a conservatory can help to add extra natural light to your home, especially if you find it hard to get that in the first instant.

– Adds Value to Your Home – The majority of homes with a conservatory are able to fetch higher selling values. A worthwhile investment if you are selling in years to come.

Conservatory Roof Options

Alongside deciding the style of conservatory in Norfolk which you are looking for; with R&C Windows you are also able to decide on what type of roof you would like. For our clients around Norfolk bringing these options means that we are able to cater to a wide variety of requirements.

The main types of roof that you can choose from for your conservatory in Norfolk include: –

       Roof Lantern 

       Warm Tiled Roof

       Edwardian Style Roof 

       Victorian Style Roof

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Conservatory Styles

Deciding on the style of Norfolk conservatory you want will be largely down to the space that you have available at your property.

Before we build any conservatory in Norfolk, the team at R&C Windows visit your home to give an honest appraisal. The three main types of conservatory we specialise include:

– Bespoke Design – A bespoke design conservatory is great for fitting with a common residential theme, or personal style.

– Lean-To Conservatory – Minimalist with clear lines, the lean-to conservatory is one of the most effective models chosen by our clients today.

– Gable End Conservatory – Looking to fill your home with more natural light?

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If you are interested in finding out some more information about how much a specific window, door or conservatory in Norfolk may cost then please get in contact for a no-obligation quote! One of our friendly team will be happy to advise and assist in any way in which they can. 

Norfolk Conservatory Specialists

Look no further than R & C Windows and Conservatories for a conservatory installation in Norfolk. We have a wide selection of conservatory designs that will allow you to build a space that provides you with the best aesthetic and functional benefits all year long. Even in the dark winter months, you can experience natural light flowing into your house.

We have created conservatory designs using the most up-to-date double glazing technology, giving Norwich residents the best on the market right now at the most affordable costs. We offer solutions that can be totally customised to the size, shape, and design of your home because we are aware that no two Norwich homes are created the same. Your next project is in good hands with us because we provide a wide range of custom conservatories along with various roofing solutions.

Conservatories In Norfolk

Today, there is a vast variety of conservatories on the market, as opposed to a few years ago. Due to this, homeowners in Norfolk and the rest of the UK can find a conservatory that is truly customised for them.

R & C Windows and Conservatories in Norfolk is proud to offer a wide range of customisations for all of our products, making it easy to create a design that is unique to you. We are aware that your home is distinctive in terms of both style and shape. Since our conservatory designs are so adaptable, you’ll never have to choose between the two.

Norfolk Conservatory Styles

In Norfolk, there are an a plenty of conservatory design options. To choose the ideal design for your home, it is therefore best to have a solid awareness of the options. If you want to learn more about them, we’ve put together this guide.

  • Lean To;

Design that has become one of the most well-known Due of its versatility and affordability, Norwich homeowners choose the lean-to conservatory. It stands out because of the way it “leans to” your house and usually has a sloping roof.

  • Victorian:

Victorian conservatories are a beautiful, classic design that has been in vogue for many years. A Victorian is rounded in design, with angled windows, and is named after the era from which it originated.

  • Edwardian:

This style is sometimes referred to as a Georgian conservatory and boasts an ornate, pitched roof comparable to that of a Victorian. It is rectangular and will provide a feeling of grandeur to your Norwich property.

  • Gable End Conservatory:

A Gable End conservatory is a fantastic alternative if you want to add a conservatory to your Norwich property that will give it a great and regal aspect. It resembles an Edwardian in appearance although one side of the roof is upright and typically has elaborate cresting.

  • P-Shaped Design:

The P-Shaped design is a remarkable fusion of two traditional styles, combining elements of a Victorian and Lean To conservatory. This conservatory style is a great way to give your house a good amount of extra room and is perfect for larger buildings.

  • T Shaped Design:

A T-Shaped styled conservatory is a terrific solution for larger homes. The beautiful central projection is one of its best characteristics, and it is a well-liked design. It is an excellent alternative for your Norwich home and has an amazingly flexible design.

Conservatory FAQ’s​

Are conservatories subject to planning permission?

Conservatories in Norfolk are frequently considered to be permitted development, which means you can construct without requesting approval from your local authority. The capability to build will depend on the dimensions of the conservatory, your boundaries, and your house. You must first meet certain requirements.

If you choose to independently research conservatory planning permission, we advise you to visit the Government’s planning web page.

The conditions that must be met in to construct a conservatory without obtaining planning permission are as follows:

  • No more than 50% of the size of the existing house is covered by the construction.
  • There are no balconies, verandas, or raised platforms included.
  • It will not exceed the highest point of the current roof.
  • The maximum height will be 4 metres.
  • It does not impede a public highway.
  • Buildings or additions would not take up more than half of the land surrounding the original house.
  • The rear wall of the original house cannot be exceeded by more than 3 metres (m) for attached homes or by 4 metres (m) for detached homes when adding to a single story.
  • In cases where proposed work on a listed building is involved, listed building consent may be needed.


What distinguishes an orangery from a conservatory?

Orangeries were formerly used to grow orange trees, with the pillars giving shade and the glass providing warmth; presently, they serve as a link between a conservatory and a single-story extension.

Both conservatories and orangeries are designed to increase your living space and are constructed using a mix of brick, glass options, and either a solid or glazed roof.

An orangery and a conservatory are different in the following ways:

  • A conservatory has an entirely glass roof, but an orangery has a solid roof perimeter that is typically lit and a glass lantern-shaped section in the middle.
  • Both conservatories and orangeries use brickwork to elevate the double-glazed windows, but a conservatory will have at least 50% glass walls whereas an orangery will have glass covering less than 50% of the overall wall.

It can be challenging to choose which is best for your home; however, when our staff from R&C Windows and Conservatories visits to survey your home, you can talk further about this.

What are the building regulations for conservatories?

As long as you meet a series of criteria, conservatories are generally exempt from building regulations. For further information, please consult the government’s building regulation guideline.

Can my Norfolk conservatory roof simply be replaced?

Yes, you may change a conservatory roof. When conservatories initially gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, they had to have a roof made of polycarbonate and be 75 percent glass, which allowed heat to escape in the winter and made it too warm in the summer.

Conservatory roof replacements have advanced, and you can now replace the roof with a new, insulated roof and select from a range of roof designs, including traditional glass look, fully tiled, flat roofs, or a combination of both with roof lanterns. These contemporary conservatory roofs offer the ideal temperature control solution all year long. Learn more about the available conservatory roofing options.

Can the roof of a conservatory be solid?

Prior to the change in law, a conservatory’s roof needed to be 75% translucent in order to be built without obtaining planning permission. In 2010, the laws regarding the type of roofing a conservatory can have were altered. When looking to upgrade your conservatory roof, a solid roof is now the ideal choice because it creates the optimal temperature solution all year round.

We have the ideal solutions for your conservatory roof requirements at R&C Windows and Conservatories, as we provide a variety of replacement conservatory roof styles, including tiled, warm, flat, roof lantern, and more.

In the cold, how can I keep my conservatory warm?

In order to keep your conservatory in Norfolk warm during the winter, you may take a few easy measures. For example, adding blinds or drapes will help to keep the heat inside while reducing draughts.

It is possible to add a radiator to a conservatory, but it will be less expensive to install an electric radiator because they are frequently installed without requiring planning permission. Other alternatives include installing underfloor heating or changing the conservatory’s glass panel roof to a solid roof.

How safe are conservatories?

A conservatory is another entrance that a burglar might try to break into, therefore its protection is just as crucial as the security of any other room in your house. Our conservatories are created with the most up-to-date security technologies and are designed to be secure, making the doors, windows, and even the roof secure.

No matter their style, shape, or design, all of our conservatories are constructed with utmost security in mind. If you still have concerns about how secure your conservatory will be, get in touch with us right away.